At TetraMed

our team is comprised of individuals who, as a whole, have
decades of successful experience in the Cannabis industry,
especially as it pertains to Massachusetts.

Michael Brickey

Mike is our Founder and our Chief executive Officer. Mike founded Tetramed llc in 2014 and has successfully ran over 100,000 sq ft of cultivation space in new england and in colorado. Mike oversees all Tetramed operations including planning, build out, site management and cultivation from seed to sale. Mike has over 12 yrs experience in the legal cannabis industry. He has put together an amazing operating team at tetramed and is excited for the future of Tetrameds LLC and his team.

Matt Elam

Matt Elam, is our chief operations officer and is in charge of all business operations including administrative, financial and sales.  His role at tetramed also includes overseeing all team managers and is in charge of state regulation and compliance.Matt has an extensive back ground in facility management including overseeing all sales, marketing, finances, business development, production, distribution, human resources, customer service and administrative affairs.

James Delbonis

James is our Head of cultivation. He has over 8 yrs of experience with legal cannabis successfully running multiple cultivation facilities in new england. James oversees all cultivation aspects at Tetrameds LLC  

Eric Canestrari

Eric oversees all compliance aspects of Tetramed. With over 10 yrs experience in compliance eric is able to create and implement large scale cannabis compliance procedures.

Patricia Brickey

Patricia Brickey is our lead propagation manager. Patricia has over 9 yrs of experience in the legal cannabis industry and studied computer electronics,engineering and technology. Running our propagation team patricia has maintained over 200 genetics through multiple locations and will be overseeing all aspects of propagation at our newest facility.

Matthew Sutherland

Mathew Sutherland is our Lead sales associate, Mathew has years of Experience in sales. Mathew went to school for economics and finance and specializes in creating relationships with cannabis related clients

Chris Lupini

Chris Lupini is our Administrative specialist . Chris has experience in managing multiple company’s in a wide span of industry’s. He has over 20 yrs experience in on sight project management and is assisting in overseeing operations for the newest cultivation facility build out.

Sahl DeAndrade

Sahl has multiple years of experience in the cannabis industry including sales , cultivation and business management. As a Cultivation Specialist Sahl will be running multiple flowering section teams as well as advising on Feeding, pruning and sanitation.


Sarafina Jones

With over 7 years of legal cannabis processing experience, Sarafina Jones is able to run a clean well organized operation. managing experience includes overseeing multiple processing teams at seperate facilitys on seperated schedules. In the past saras knowledge of cannabis processing combined with team building skills has helped tetramed to stay efficient and ahead of schedule.

John Tortellot

John is our Vegetative production manager. John has over 5 yrs of experience in the legal cannabis industry successfully running multiple extraction facilities in new england. John overseas all vegetative operations teams and monitors all aspects of vegetative cultivation at Tetrameds LLC.


John Greene

John Greene is our Application Specialist and Community Liason. John has intimate working knowledge of the state application process and is considered a pioneer in  Massachusetts, having over 5 years experience in the Massachusetts Marijuana industry starting at the onset. During that time, John has founded 2 separate entities , experienced two separate application processes and personally, obtained 3 Provisional Certificates of Registration to operate Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in 3 major cities in the Commonwealth.

Mark Pilotte

Mark Pilotte holds degrees in both architecture and engineering. Mark has built and designed Cannabis facilities nationwide.

The Winmill Group LLC

Headquartered in the Washington D.C. area, the Winmill Group offers a team of talented professionals drawn from high-level posts in multi-disciplinary circles. The Winmill Group frequently provides homeland security and emergency planning consulting services and advice on tactical and strategic exercise planning. The defining elements of The Winmill Group include providing clients with the strategies for competitive success and the operational means to get there. The Winmill Group’s work is a tailored, collaborative effort between our team and our client. The Winmill Group’s credentials in homeland security and emergency planning and assessments are impeccable and include experience with federal and state entities, among others.

Kyle Conlon

Kyle conlon our production manger has 6 years of legal cannabis cultivation experience. Kyles managing experience includes overseeing a staff of over 200 Field Technicians as well as managing production for large scale operations. In the past kyles consulting expertise has created a sturdy base for multiple cannabis companys in new england.






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